The Food Service & Restaurant Council strongly believes that continuing education for facility management professionals is critical to one’s professional development, the successful operation of the facilities you manage, and the satisfaction of the clients and customers your operations serve.  Our Food Service & Restaurant Council will strive to provide numerous learning opportunities throughout the coming years. We understand that our membership’s learning needs vary and hope that through your input and our thoughtful consideration we can build a strong schedule of learning opportunities utilizing experts from within and outside our council.  Feel free to contact me with any webinar learning opportunities you would like to see addressed or that you would be willing to contribute to.  

Listen to the Onsite Foodservice 101 Webinar from September 2013 and check out the events page for information on upcoming webinars.

Listen to the Food Technology Trends from November 2015. Click Here to view the presentation.

Thank you.

Daren Bloomquist

FS&RC Board Member and Director of Webinar Development

IFMA and FSRC Events

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